Mr Kane learns to hate himself.

With all the money in the world and every possession that can be bought that is now his, Charles Foster Kane could not buy back his childhood. Oddly enough, his life sort of parallels the late Micheal Jackson in a sense that both their childhoods were snatched away by their parents. Buts thats where the similarities end. The scene I chose for this assignment is when Charles Kane ( MS) enters the bedroom of his wife who just left, leaving Mr Kane to see his reflection on the mirror. He is old, balding, and haggard. A far cry from the younger, more powerful idealist Kane in the beginning of the film. He is crying and slowly turns around. Then we see a low angle shot of him turning around and walking towards the bed. We also notice the room is almost like a child’s room, with stencils of animals decorate the wall and ceiling. The gives us a sense of helplessness as if we were looking through the eyes of a child but still reminded that the most powerful figure is still in the room, Mr Kane. The camera then follows him (MS) to the bed while panning and keepingĀ  a safe distance. Then the camera cuts (MS) to him picking the suitcase in frustration and throwing it across the room. Kane then takes the other suitcase and tosses as well stripping the sheets off the canopy bed. The view is still low angle, follows Kane as he sets his eyes toward the small table in the room. He pushes over the dresser and flips chairs over as if it was a drunken rage.

The next cut we see Kane moving towards some shelving and we watch tear the off the wall, the it cuts to the book shelf and Kane tears through it like Godzilla in down town Tokyo. the camera pans to the right as Kane drags the lamp and destroys the same mirror he was looking along with the tchotchke’s that decorated that wall. Kane walks around the room knocking things down and destroying things like a tornado and walks toward the camera and stops only seeing his legs and a snow globe on a shelf knee level with Kane. We see his hand go down a grab it. He then walks away while with his back towards the camera to the other side of the room stops turns to his side and stairs at the snow globe.

Now its cuts to a close up of his chest and hands, we see the globe more clearly. Its a reminder of his past, a childhood gone forever but still etched in glass, plastic and water. The camera pans up and we see his tear swollen eyes and he says “Rosebud” . Camera cut to a wide shot of Kane’s staff peering into the destroyed bedroom keeping a distance from the entrance while the supervisor walks toward the entrance. It now becomes a close up of the man. Cut to a close up of Kane’s face and the camera pulls back from a close up to a wide shot as he leaves the room and passed his employees to the large expanse of his mansion. Then it cuts to a long shot of him walking away from his employees ans follows him in front of a large mirror where you see a reflection of him plus infinity.

This scene shows the rather small and cluttered room of his wife who like him, collected thing to make her forget what a failure she is. Kane destroying the room was really him destroying who he was and was reminded of a simpler life when he found the snow globe. After the ruckus was over, he then entered the the giant empty hallway that represented what his life has become, a giant empty room. And the fact that he didn’t look at the mirror when walking past it, represented his acceptance of who he is.

For your viewing pleasure.

Citizen Kane Rose Bud Powerful Scene in the Classic Film-[]



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  1. jusmel112 says:

    I liked the title you chose for this , its attention grabbing. As rich as Charles is he cant buy back the one thing he lost which was his child hood. I like how you did the comparison to Michael Jackson ,to give people a modern familiar example of what Kane lost. I like how you mentioned him being a old man and not the once younger powerful Kane. You said it was like we seen him as a child again. With that being said it reminds me of the saying you are ones a man but twice a child, showing the relation between child & old. You chose a good scene when he destroys the room to me i felt it was his finaly straw & break down. The scene was wrapped up with the snow globe which ties to the beginning of the film, stimulated to his child hood. Good choice of scene

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