How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Upcoming Alien Invasion.

According to some witnesses, a spacecraft had crashed landed near the town of Roswell NM in June 1947. Besides the wreckage that was scattered through the desert, there were also bodies of the occupants that resembled small children with one found alive kneeling near one of the dead bodies. Major Jesse Marcel was one the first people on the scene and described the material as being otherworldly. A metal like material that was like really thin aluminum foil that when crumpled, it would return back to its original form. a material so tough that nothing could penetrate it.

At first the local military released a statement that it had recovered a flying disc, but when Washington got wind of it, it had changed its story and said that it was really a weather balloon. UFO sightings have been recorded since the beginning of time but after the Roswell incident, Hollywood sought to capitalize on the idea that visitors are coming to visit our planet or possibly planning to invade as well. At the same time, the was a real fear of the Soviets launching an attack on the United States with nuclear weapons. Interestingly UFO sightings increased in frequency after the first atom bomb was tested near the site of the crash, as if the visitors were fascinated that the humans have learned to split the atom, passing a milestone in human evolution.

Some have argued that alien movies released after the Roswell Incident are a litmus test for the government to see what the publics reaction would be if the truth came out. Other argue that the subtext of these movie are really the fear of the Red Menace and how to subvert the public into heeding the governments warning on communism. There is way too much information out there to even begin to post both sides of the argument. But if you really want to find out for yourself how deep the rabbit hole goes, then take a look at this interview with one of Americas first and most respected astronauts Gordon Cooper and by all means dive right in.

The truth is really out there. If you dare to look.

Gordon Cooper Interview

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